Great quotes from Ive and Jobs

I’ve recently been re-reading “Inside Steve’s Brain” which I had previously blogged about with great affection and enthusiasm–every designer and (more importantly) product manager, director, and executive should absorb its valuable lessons! Here are a few particular noteworthy passages: “Design is a funny word. Some people think design means how it looks. But of course, […]

Codecamp’08 follow-up

A week ago today I gave my “stump speech” on UI Design Fundamentals, largely and loosely based upon my industry experience and class at SJSU this fall. It was a great success! Thanks to all those who attended and offered your questions & comments during and after the session. I still need to get permissions […]

Aesthetic integrity

Just saw this from the Apple iPhone Guidelines about “aesthetic integrity”: Aesthetic integrity is not a measure of how beautifully your application is decorated. It’s a measure of how well the appearance of your application integrates with its function. For example, a productivity application should keep decorative elements subtle and in the background, while giving […]

Design for “expected convenience”

Had a great brainstorming breakfast session with a couple friends starting up a new digital product. During the convo, the profound yet alarmingly obvious concept of designing for “expected convenience” emerged (okay, I think I coined it. Hey if Dan Saffer can invent “topless meetings”, I’m gonna claim this one! :-) The idea is quite […]