Age of User Experience (PDF)

I was browsing around my old Adobe files/folders this morning and found this PDF that I had created for the team, as an evangelism artifact, based upon an industry report trumping UX over feature creep. BeyondFeatures.pdf In a nutshell: • More features isn’t better, it’s worse. • You can’t make things easier by adding to […]

Cordell on cultural change

(Don’t you just love alliterative titles?) I noticed this interview by Adaptive Path of our User Experience boss at Cisco, Cordell Ratzlaff: UPDATE: Here’s the video clip of the talk he gave at the MX Conference recently. Found this part particularly valuable, about the challenges of inciting and sustaining cultural change around user experience/design: […]

Spectrum of Prototyping

I recently created this short poster as a personal means of illustrating in a compelling manner the core phases and tools and types for prototyping a UI design (focused exclusively, from the broader user-centered design process). Basically I suggest that prototyping is an activity that enables the designer’s journey from abstraction (a novel but fuzzy […]