Why beauty matters to IxD

From the concluding paragraph of my graduate thesis written in 2001 at Carnegie Mellon (advised by Dick Buchanan): Interaction designers must be concerned with beauty as our environment of human experience becomes rapidly shaped by digital, networked, multifunctional artifacts that influence our attitudes and behaviors. Designers have a profound responsibility to ensure that designed interactions […]

Part 1: General thoughts on aesthetics

[First in a series of postings about aesthetics and beauty as they pertain to interaction design, and beyond…] Recently the question was raised on the IxDA discussion list, “does aesthetics matter to interaction design(ers)?” I wholeheartedly say yes as described here. But it’s important to first understand what is meant by the concept of “aesthetics”, […]

Designing for “appropriateness”

Just saw this information graphic posted on the NYTimes.com site, about the state of the Iraq war. I don’t subscribe to the print edition, but I’m betting this graphic was originally created for the physical newspaper (printed at higher resolution, etc.) and then unfortunately mis-appropriated for the web by simply “sticking it online”, given the […]

Eames diagram

Found this while surfing around this morning, the classic Eames venn diagram illustrating the areas of intersecting concerns when solving a design problem: the client, the design office, and society as a whole. Of course this can be broken down even further into sub-compartments or nested “venns”. But at even this high level it’s quite […]

iPod (and telephone) born today…

Apple Music Event 2001 – The First Ever iPod IntroductionA portable handheld device that can hold 1,000 songs? Nah, it’ll never fly. On this day in 2006, Apple Inc. was granted the patent to the iPod. And in 1876, Alexander Graham Bell was granted a patent for an invention he called the telephone.