On becoming a design leader…

This is based on a talk I gave at IDSA a few years ago, which I re-delivered to my class recently. As the fields of “web design” and “UI design” speed forward into a complex world of integrated, convergent digital products (see iPhone, TurboChef, Tivo, TomTom, etc.) with arrays of “cloud services” and “suites of […]

Varieties of contexts for designing

“Working as a designer” means many many different things, of course, depending on which context you might yourself. Over the last 8 years I’ve had the unique chance to experience a wide range of situations, each embodying a unique character and quality, from large enterprise to a boutique design shop. But there are few major […]

Notes from Google Chrome talk

At BayCHI’s monthly talk last night, we heard Glen Murphy, lead (only?) designer for Google’s Chrome web browser explain their process and challenges. Quite a fascinating internal look at this specific team’s design process (Murphy made a point to clarify that each design team at Google functions differently per their dynamics and goals, etc.). Below […]

Insights from corporate UX

Having worked as a designer at some of the largest and most well-known technology corporations in the valley (Oracle, Adobe, and most recently Cisco) in their respective UX teams, I’ve gained insights into how design functions across diverse contexts (both positively and negatively) and learned vital points about digital product design processes in general. ** […]

Who’s your DADI?

While reorganizing my design book collection (which is rather all over place, both physically and thematically!), I came across an oldie but a goodie: Clement Mok’s Designing Business, published by Adobe Press way back in 1996…! I remember purchasing this book (a pricey sixty bucks) in Ann Arbor for my first interface design class ever, […]