Want to learn more about what makes this young amazing team of illustrators, musicians, photographers, chefs, and fashionistas (AKA designers, researchers, editors, prototypers, managers) tick at Citrix? Check out the following set of links to articles and videos that summarize the spirit that animates a special vibe at Citrix dedicated to delivering world-class, exceptional products and services with humanity… and delight!

Citrix Product Design Facebook page: See what we’re doing in real-time! Shoes, cupcakes, burritos, even a friendly hawk (possible mascot?)…

Citrix Design Principles video: A short, whimsical yet informative video highlighting the core design principles to enable a culture of design thinking and doing. Nice references to Mad Men, Eames, and even Darth Vader ;-) Hey, we’re Star Wars fans too!

HBR blog post on our new collaborative studio space: A well-articulated interview with Citrix Product Design VP Catherine Courage on why and how we achieved this unique studio space for multi-disciplinary collaboration. Some cool photos too!

Citrix Brand Story video: Created by The Fabulous Citrix Marketing Team, a evocative, richly photographed statement of who we are as a company, making “work and play anywhere” a reality, in tune with the vibrancy of ordinary human lives, both in the design studio and out in the wild.

Catherine Courage 40/40 award: Read Citrix Product Design VP Catherine Courage explain what makes her tick as our extraordinary, fearless leader shaping a culture of design thinking and action.

Designers as Next Gen CEOs: Short article featuring our very own Citrix CEO Mark Templeton, who has an undergraduate degree in industrial design, as a great example of “designer-turned-CEO”, leading a cultural design revolution for employees and customers alike.

From Wow to How: Check out this short video with Chief Demo Officer Extraordinaire Brad Peterson explaining quite simply how Citrix technology enables a world where anybody can work or play from anywhere, on any device.