One more thing…

That’s what I wanted to hear when I heard the sad news. Just one more thing. That he’s not really gone. That it was just a bad hoax or incorrectly tweeted news item. Just one more tiny, fragile, ever-so-delicate hope that he did have decades more, as he reflected upon in his memorable Stanford address, to continue innovating not just “cool tech”, but upon our daily lifestyles, cultural attitudes toward technology, business models and media ecosystems. Just one more chance to push the conventional boundaries of possibility and inspire and educate us about how to breathe joy, delight, and humanity into the technologies we use. Just one more moment to hear a rousing, superlative-rich exultation of a new digital wonder beautifully and elegantly designed “for the rest of us”. Just one more spark to ignite our own desires and passions and ideas to create a better world for generations, by truly bridging the disparate but essential worlds of liberal arts & technology, as he had proven many times over. Just one more glimpse… to see this gifted visionary signal the promise of something that we will love, that we didn’t even know we needed, defying expectations and inspiring us to rise to a new challenge. And he kept raising that bar so damn high ;-)

Alas, there will no longer be “one more thing”…

Except this – One more thing, Uncle Steve. Thank you. For everything.

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