What is a principal designer?

Found this description online while, ahem, researching similar or related principal designer jobs in the area ;-) Pretty true to my current role and daily tasks/activities so far. Definitely a leadership position requiring some fortitude…and lots of caffeine!

The Principal Product Designer will engage and work closely with other UX professionals, product teams and end users to accomplish goals.  Operates with considerable latitude toward broadly stated objectives.  Provides design consultation to management on broad, complex problems that require outstanding practical experience and theoretical knowledge. Makes significant contributions to organizational objectives directly affecting the user interface for products. Acts as trusted advisor to management.

Works on significant and unique issues where analysis of situations or data requires an evaluation of intangibles. Exercises independent judgment in methods, techniques and evaluation criteria for obtaining results.  Exercises wide latitude in determining objectives and approaches to critical assignments.  Viewed as a leader by others and represents a dynamic force that motivates and coordinates the organization to accomplish its objectives.

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