Since I missed the original cut-off date for SXSW 2011 panel submissions due to my super crazy work schedule, I’ve started a very large head-start on next year’s submissions for the 2012 confab ;-) Just perusing the list of accepted panels for 2011, there’s quite a few very panels worthy of attending–at least based upon the fancy wordplay in the proposed titles. Indeed, sexy tantalizing risquee sounding titles have a way of seizing one’s attention, while the content is still a big question mark. Who knows how it will all go down? Hmm!

Nevertheless, here’s my proposed panels for 2012. Please get ready to vote for them when the Panel Voter re-opens in 12 months. Thanks!! ;-)

* Dancing with the Executives: Lessons on working within executive-led design cycles

* Jedi Councils and Tiger Teams, oh my! Alternative models of unifying an interface design language

* I love the way you touch me! How multitouch makes the mobile enterprise fun, sexy and procreative ;-)

* Wicked innovation: The “black magic” of enabling a design culture through persuasion and propaganda