Hi folks, I’m looking for rockstar designers to join me at Citrix in Santa Clara :-)

I recently joined as a principal designer to help our VP of Design (who came from Salesforce) create design excellence in the enterprise. We’ve got a mandate from the CEO to “simplify, unify, and consumerize” our geeky IT apps into products that are cool, sleek, and reinventing how people work. This means apps for iPad & Android, as well as Mac/Win using Flex or Silverlight, and in-browser for thin client/net PCs, for users in business, education, and healthcare. It’s all that “virtual and cloud computing” stuff that’s hot now! A great time to invent what this software can be with good design.

We need design talent with stunning visual skills and sharp analytical abilities who love to dig into complex products, to arrive at elegant smart solutions. Passion, imagination, camaraderie, and adaptability are key. And of course many of you know I come from the Andrei Herasimchuk school of “design making” and the Buchanan/CMU school of “design thinking”, which I’m advocating to shape a robust design culture. Want to be a part of it? Enabling this is a small but thriving team of designers & researchers from PayPal, Adobe, and Ebay. Lots of experience and enthusiasm!

So forget about crummy old dinosaur enterprise UI. This is a bold pursuit of world-class design quality that competes at the level of Apple, Dyson, Virgin, and Nike. Are you up for the challenge? Read on…

Visual Designers: Superbly skilled in typography, color, grids, icons, etc. Imaginative sense of ideating/creating the whole interface, not just production of buttons/icons. Armed with an amazing sense of style, always exploring what’s next. Can create gorgeous, pixel-perfect comps and crisply detailed assets. Craftsmanship is an absolute must! Mastery of standard Adobe toolset. Prototyping is a big plus! Grasps the rigors of product development, UI freeze, perforce/SVN, and can handle all that equally well when deadlines get hot. Also key: clearly articulating the rationale for emotive aspects of visuals to executives.

Interaction Designers: Keen analysis of the user’s journey, from macro-level flow and architecture to micro-level UI mechanics & states & edge cases. Able to drive an eco-system POV as well as apply/invent patterns for UI elements. Able to quickly iterate and persuasively explain holistic flow diagrams, meaningful wireframes/storyboards, and gritty spec details. Collaborative brainstorming is key. Prototyping is a big plus! Always challenging assumptions about behavior, flow, and value to the user. Mindful of business goals and tech constraints. Knows how to balance PMs and Devs/engineers. Knows when to do research studies versus tapping your reservoir of past judgment. Must have total product design experience (not just making websites).

And if you are one of those rare hybrids who does pixel-perfect visuals AND interaction design, even better! No silos on the Citrix Product Design team. We all want to make great products and have fun while doing it!

If you’ve got the chops, please contact me directly, uday.gajendar@citrix.com, with a link to your amazing online portfolio and resume. Thanks!