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Storyboarding the human drama


It’s typical in product development to write “user stories” and “use cases” predicated upon a self-identifying rubric meant to suggest a tremor of empathy: “As a geologist analyzing rock patterns, I need…” Of course it’s a minor pale shade of what true empathy means, codified into a simplistic formula to crank out at rapid pace and high volume tons of use cases to fill up engineering backlogs —...

Sketch to explore, not solve


Sketching is simply the essential skill for any designer at any level. This is simply a definitive fact. However, lately I have noticed an odd reluctance to sketch, particularly among design candidates we have recently been interviewing with the UX team, for which I serve as UX Architect. I wonder if this reluctance is due to an unfortunate presumption that “sketching = solving”, as...

Reflections & Intentions: 2018 > 2019


Looking back, for me 2018 — which felt like it lasted a decade! — was a year of transitions and connections, of not knowing and adapting to the unexpected, while seeking out those elusive moments of … discovery? achievement? fulfillment? Perhaps it’s simply the search for the most mundane thing of all…quite simply progress. As Mad Men’s Don Draper said often, “move...

Disposability in design: feature not a bug


Building upon the previous post’s point about the need to “show the ugly” in design, not simply jumping to and showcasing your gorgeous Sketch mockups via templates and plug-ins…There’s another point about the value of disposability that’s worth mentioning briefly. To be disposable in the design process is essential to the overall nature of design as a progressively iterative practice of...

Showing the ugly in design


Perhaps due to the ease & proliferation of Sketch templates for creating high-res mockups that look production-ready — dashboards to admin consoles to social feeds — there seems to be a strong bent towards going all realistic and photo-ready from the start of a project. Please don’t do that. I mean sure, why not make it look beautiful and well-formed, as if it’s already coded — indeed...

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