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Presence & comms for virtual work


As we’re forced to go fully virtual during the COVID-19 global pandemic, questions arise about how to virtualize those we take for granted as routine & normal when we’re in the office. For instance, what does it mean to be present? How do we organize our attention? What level of fidelity of communications is good? Do we really need to have the camera on all the time for all meetings? And so...

Anchors & rhythms in a virtual existence


Now that “working from home” has been mandated as the new norm, while we endure the uneasy uncertainty of the coronavirus, it’s a good time to reflect upon some nuances that impact the quality of productivity, when going fully virtual. This goes beyond useful tips for remote work practices, or arranging a suitable home-office setup. First, let’s acknowledge the pervasive sense of...

What are we missing here?


With fearsome speed the covid-19 global pandemic has prompted some radical transformations, not mere changes, that will have long-standing effects — as a true “black swan” event like 9/11. A new normalcy will prevail, demanding profound adjustments to our behaviors, and attitudes. This is true across many facets of our lives — but  I’d like to focus on the area of hi-tech office work, especially...

Sense-making what doesn’t make sense


I often joke that Friday is when I can finally catch my breath after a hectic week at work, and survey the damage. With so much context-shifting and decision-making — it’s a head-holding moment of “what the hell happened”? Well, these last couple Fridays (and perhaps into the foreseeable future) this joke has taken a more dramatic and serious note, with various covid-19 (novel coronavirus) global...

Paradoxes of (design) leadership


Being a design leader is worthwhile challenge — rewarding yet difficult. Indeed, it involves a mix of paradoxical qualities that take practice & effort to master, over much time! Be humble in receiving inputs, yet defend a point of viewKnow when to say you don’t know, yet project confidence in knowing the path to steer everyone forwardEnable a cooperative team dynamic, yet be (or...

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